27 years experience Professional Car Cable Manufacturer in China

Since more than 27 years, we manufacture and exprot automotive cables to  many countries.
We have do OEM for many brands and know market very well.

CE,RoHs,ISO9001:2015,CAMAA,SGS,TUV,UL certification,request detailed file anytime

10 Product lines,Twist strands /injections /welding machines

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How to choose car speaker cable?

The speaker wire is a wire specially used for the connection between the amplifier and the speaker in audio equipment. When choosing a car speaker wire, we need to know the actual power of the amplifier, the main material of the conductor, the actual square number of the “wire”, and simply calculate whether the wire and power amplifier are matched. The thickness of the speaker wire can be selected from multi-strand oxygen-free copper wire with a cross-sectional area of about 2.5-4 square millimeters.

In the actual modification, the power of the tweeter is generally below 100W, and the normal situation is between 20-60W, so the tweeter with 0.5 square speaker wire is the most suitable wire.

In the actual modification, the power of the mid-bass speaker is generally below 200W, and the normal situation is below 150W, so the mid-bass is generally equipped with 16# speakers (1.3-1.5 square meters), which is completely sufficient.

In the actual modification, the power of the subwoofer is generally below 400W, and under normal conditions it is below 250W, so the general configuration of the mid-bass (2-3 square meters) is completely sufficient.

Different type car speaker cable

twin parallel wired roll transparent PVC car audio speaker cable
General red and black speaker cable
Premium 9-conductor speaker wire
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different material speaker cable

Our Advantage

manfacturing experience
Manufacturing Experience

Since year 1995,we understand market well,our customer from all over the world

Full certification
Full Certification

CE,RoHs,ISO9001:2015,SGS,TUV,UL certification,request detailed file anytime

Advanced equipment
Advanced Equipment

10 Product lines,Twist strands /injections /welding machines and so on

Quality control
Quality Control

Strict quality control with 100% visual, AOl, X-ray inspection

Custom Design Any car cables for Your Business

Customize cable specification  according to your requirement is acceptable.

Pls just let us have your O E M or O D M demand, we will give you satisfaction.

Fransonic is your professional wiring solution choice


Different material cable match your different demand

There are CCA, copper, Tinned copper for cable wires

different colors and  material for sheath can be freely selected.

Cooperate With Many Famous Brands

We are developing,producing and exporting car cables, include car amplifier wiring kit, power cable, speaker cable, car RCA cable, amp power cable, car speaker wire,12v extention cord etc.
The ROHS, CE , UL certificate available for different market.
We welcome any OEM project as your demand.
And we are fimilar with your market demands, as we are already cooperate with several big brand

Provide one-stop service from production to export

HUXI CABLE is our factory name, it was established on 1995. There are 13 cable twist machines, 10 cable drawing lines,10 plug injection machines, and also 3 fabrication assembly lines with packing machines,with our adequately equipped testing devices and strict quality control procedures, our 19 skillful workers ,3 engineers and 3 QC can offer you reliable products and professional solution.

Our sales team has abundant experience of car cable products, can give you suitable suggestions to help you to develop the market. We already have the cooperation with customers from North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa etc.

Different color and different kind material speaker cable for your choice

we are the best choice when you need to find a supplier who can provide all the cables for car audio modification.

Not only provide standard car cables, but we also provide  cables of different specifications as customer needed.


Ultra FLEX outer jacket and full SPEC wire

●ULTRA-FLEX outer jacket for easy installation and resistance to wear and tear

●FULL SPEC WIRE meets or exceeds American Wire Gauge standards (AWG)

●HIGH-STRAND for less resistance, so your speakers get the POWER they deserve


Hot sale cables

Based on 27 years of experience, we have developed many popular products, and we always insist on meeting the needs of customers.

Professional Car Cable Manufacturer

Focusing on car cables and accessories more than 27 years,we will give you satisfaction.

FranSonic is your sound solution choice

Our factory

  • “This amp kit came neatly packaged with all kinds of fancy wires that come plenty lengthy, I was able to get my sub and amp installed in a couple of hours and all the wires worked well, it definitely seems like they can get away charging more for this kit, but they don’t, which is amazing!”

    Don Smith
  • “This was just what I needed and even long enough to fit in my truck. Carry’s sound very good and even comes with a sleeve to hide the red wire for the battery.”

    Flavio Ceccarelli
  • “product arrived as described. Insulation is good and easy to work with. Gauge is as expected and sound quality is good. I’m using about 15’ runs to my speakers, but these should be good for much greater distances. Would buy again.”

    Jock Morris
Can you supply sample for free?

Of course,we can supply for free, but you should pay the freight fees at first ,we will return the sample cost to you after your product quanitty attached the request policy.

What's the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Different model car cables have different MOQ, please contact us for inquiry.

What's the payment you can accept?

T/T ,Paypal 30% in advanced,70% before shipment

Can you produce according to customer's design?

We mainly do the OEM service,we can according to your request,can help you design your products,your logo,and the package.

Which country do you sale your products to ?

America,Mexico,Canada,Panama,German,UK,Netherlands,France,Italy,South Africa,India,Iran,Russia,Austrisa and etc.

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