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Fransonic is a modern electronic component integrated supporting enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales and brand agency. It is located in Hangzhou, a well-known city on the coast of the East China Sea. The company has strong technical research and development capabilities and the introduction of international advanced production equipment, and has a group of engineering personnel specialized in product development and production team of precision production. The company mainly produces, sells and acts as an agent for various types of high-current connectors, connectors, UPS, EPS power sockets, terminals and other products, specializing in automobiles, electric vehicles, communication power supplies, medical equipment, power distribution equipment, handling equipment Solar and new energy manufacturers provide supporting products and services.

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Why are we optimistic about doing new energy connection?

Nowadays, there are more and more new energy equipment on the market. Such as solar energy system, electric vehicle, electric bicycle, electric.  Forklift trucks, trailers, etc. We manufacture and sell them to meet customers’ requirements

Convenient wire connection kit, including Anderson connector and harness.Widely used – our multi-function weatherproof QC plug provides a simple and convenient way. Handle the direct power connection with the car battery; Trucks, ATV and RV winches, hoists and cranes; Towing cables and outboard motors on ships and ships, as well as domestic and industrial use. Applications such as lathe, charger and power inverter.

Durable – the integrated polycarbonate shell of each wire harness provides excellent resistance. Prevent abrasion, corrosion, water and heat during the whole service life of more than 10000 connections; 8 Copper, Terminal pins are silver plated to minimize resistance and maximize stability and reliability;The connected luggage compartment lid prevents debris from entering during use.

Easy to use; Their asexual design connects and separates quickly and smoothly; It is also very simple to use. For example, peel off the end of the wire, install it into the terminal and fix it with a crimping tool.




Single pole anderson powerpole

Chinese manufacturer Anderson single power pole PP75 red/black battery connector, power plug, power pole connector, power pole, Anderson power products, powerx. 45A 75A 120A 180A 350A。 Support customization, plug customization, plug cable customization and connector customization.


Forklift electric vehicle, tractor, golf cart, sightseeing car, battery, communication power supply (UPS). DC regulating power supply, EPS, inverter power supply and high-frequency, high-frequency module charger system), electric machinery, electric wheelchair. Electric washing machine. Mower, vacuum cleaner, electric fork.


Fast connection on disconnect, simple and safe. Plug interchange between the same model, no male and female design, conducive to reducing inventory. The terminal adopts copper plated silver, high current working environment, reduce contact spark. Shell multi-color selection, different colors using independent interface, easy to customize the multi-pole configuration.

180 A OEM Anderson connector

American technology
The shell is made of PC ul94v0 flame retardant material, and the stainless steel shrapnel design terminal is made of silver plated copper material, which has better electrical conductivity,Six colors of your choice
Red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, six different colors to give you a choice, each color let you clearly distinguish different voltage.


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Dual anderson powerpole connector

Anderson plug has various characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, male and female insertability, corrosion resistance, gasoline resistance, fire resistance and flame retardant PC UL94V0, so it is widely used in the large current connector market, such as lithium battery, mobile power supply, two-wheel three-wheel electric vehicle, electric car, sightseeing car, patrol car, floor sweeper, floor washer, electric forklift, lawn mower, photovoltaic power supply and other equipment.
Anderson plug, also known as power connector, Anderson connector, Anderson connector, male and female plug, is widely used…

  • Anderson connector application field:
    A. Electric vehicles: electric buses, electric forklifts, electric cars, golf carts, tourist vehicles, electric tractors, batteries/lithium batteries
    B. Power supply industry: UPS (uninterruptible power supply), AC/DC regulated power supply, EPS inverter, high-frequency module power supply and high-frequency charger system;
    C. Machinery industry: electric wheelchair, electric floor washer, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, electric vehicle controller.

  • Dual anderson powerpole connector-50A

    Name: 50A 600v Anderson plug, bipolar connector, lithium battery charging plug, battery high current connector
    Type: AC/DC, Connector material: plastic/PC UL94V-0
    Contact terminal: silver plated copper
    Working frequency: high frequency
    Application scope: power supply, outdoor, electric vehicle, energy, medical, industrial, military, etc
    Manufacturing process: cold pressing
    Processing customization: Yes
    Number of poles: single pole
    Product characteristics: fire resistance/flame retardance/dust prevention
    Color selection: blue, yellow, green, red, gray, black
    Support OEM: Yes

  • Dual anderson powerpole connector-40A

    Anderson plug bipolar 40A connector, notch terminal, can be connected with different wire diameters, and the current can be between 10 and 40 A. It can effectively reduce the inventory without dividing the male and female design. Different colors can be inserted in the same color, and different colors can not be inserted in the same color. There is a design interface to prevent different voltages from being inserted incorrectly. (Reminder: Because the interface is long, it is also possible to force the interface of different colors to be inserted in the opposite direction, but it will be damaged, broken, poor contact, etc.)

  • Dual anderson powerpole SHS75X

    Type: AC/DC
    Connector material: plastic/PC UL94V-0
    Contact terminal: silver plated copper
    Working frequency: high frequency
    Application scope: power supply, outdoor, electric vehicle, energy, medical, industrial, military, etc
    Interface type: contact
    Manufacturing process: cold pressing
    Processing customization: Yes
    Number of poles: bipolar
    Product characteristics: fire resistance/flame retardance/dust prevention
    Color selection: blue, red, gray, black
    Support OEM: Yes

Three poles anderson powerpole connector

Anderson plug is mainly used in various high-current power supply markets. Let’s learn about the use of Anderson plug
As we all know, connectors are the bridge of information flow in modern society, especially in the current high-power power supply market, which is more and more widely used, such as the two-wheel three-wheel electric power supply we use, the Anderson plug 50A, 120A, and the power supply of the floor wash truck, the electric forklift used in the factory, the stacker, the carrier, the charger, the garden appliance lawn mower, the sightseeing car, and so on. Scope of application: power supply, outdoor, electric vehicle, energy, medical treatment,industry, etc. Three-pole connector: 50A, 75A, 175A

  • Name: 50A 600V three-pole connector Anderson plug three-pole connector three-hole plug socket high-current connector, Model: SHD50, Type: DC, Working frequency: high frequency
    Application range: battery, lithium battery, charger, forklift connection, highway model
    Interface type: contact
    Product line length: (according to customer requirements) mm
    Manufacturing process: cold pressing
    Processing customization: Yes
    Product characteristics: fire resistance/flame retardant/waterproof
    Connector material: plastic

  • 75A 600V three-pole connector Anderson plug

    Hangzhou Fransonic technology company LTD. is high-tech enterprise integrating production and sales. Specializing in the production of high-current connectors, Anderson style connectors, banana connectors, processing harnesses, connector accessories, our products are widely used in aviation, railway, communications, medical, automobile and industrial transportation. At present, it has obtained the approval of ISO 9001, IATF16949 and other management systems, and many products also comply with international product specifications such as UL, VDE and NMEA.

  • Product model SHDC175, Product color: gray, red. Length 79.40mm Width 85.50mm Height 25.40mm, Number of poles Three poles  Current 175A Voltage 600V, Insulation resistance 5000M Ω, Contact resistance 0.055 ± 0.005M Ω
    Withstand voltage 2200V/DC, Pollution level III, Interface type contact, Manufacturing process cold pressing, Working frequency high frequency, Insulation material PC, Contact material: red copper, Nickel bottom silver plating, Coating thickness 1 μ m, Use wire diameter 1AWG 2AWG 4AWG 6AWG, Terminal retention force 500N Min, Insertion force ≥ 4kgf

Product Feature Box

manfacturing experience
Manufacturing Experience

Since year 1995,we understand market well,our customer from all over the worl

Full certification
Full Certification

CE,RoHs,ISO9001:2015,SGS,TUV,UL certification,request detailed file anytime

Advanced equipment
Advanced Equipment

10 Product lines,Twist strands /injections /welding machines and so on

Quality control
Quality Control

Strict quality control with 100% visual, AOl, X-ray inspection

Flexible customization capability

Fransonic has flexible customization capabilities. We have experienced engineers and R&D teams to help you provide customization services according to your application scenarios.

Strict quality inspection

We have strict quality inspection steps. Quality is our lifeline and also a necessary measure to maintain long-term customers.

Hot sale product!

Anderson plug dust cover PVC protective sleeve

Anderson plug is a high-current connector, which is generally used in industrial machinery and needs to be resistant to high temperature. It is more necessary to prevent dust and oil from entering the plug, causing unnecessary damage. As we all know, once it causes inconvenience in all aspects, cleaning, maintenance and replacement will require a lot of time and manpower, especially delaying the work of the machine. So we need to provide corresponding protection for Anderson plug.
The dust cover PVC protective sleeve of Anderson plug is extremely soft silica gel, which is highly flexible, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, aging and toughness. It is produced according to the plug specification coefficient, so the fit on the cover is very high, and it is very suitable to prevent dust and oil slush.

Anderson connector Handle

One set of 50A handles=1 handle+2 screws+2 nuts (red and gray handles are optional)

One set of 120A handles=1 handle+2 screws+2 nuts (red and gray handles are optional)

One set of 175A handles=1 handle+2 screws+2 nuts (red and gray handles are optional)

One set of 350A handle=1 handle+2 screws+2 nuts (red and gray handles are optional)

OEM Cable/connector factory in China.

27 years of manufacturing experience, 200 employees, goods sold to more than 150 countries.

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OEM power connection Cable Accessories

  • Heat shrink tube
  • Cable sleeve
  • Cable Tie
  • Tape for wire harness
  • Ring terminal

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Of course, we can support free samples, but the customer needs to bear the international freight.

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We can OEM and ODM according to your needs.

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