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What are flat wires used for?

Our patent super slim flat wire

1.Super flat copper cable,you can make it totally Invisible,under brick,under paint,under wallpaper,under tiling,under carpet,under Parquet

2.Our supler slim flat wire can load 5V-110V.Normal type is 2×0.25mm2,2×1.0mm2,4×1.0mm2,OEM size is welcomed.Widely use,for LED light as flat power cable,for home audio as flat speaker wire,Anti Scale for water system.

3.Easy to install,we develop right connectors for our cables,just cut the cable,put the cable into our connector,then close the cover,so easy.

Our supler slim flat cable and connectors

110V-12V,all can load.Normal type is 2×0.25mm2,2×1.0mm2,4×1.0mm2,OEM size is welcomed.Widely use,for LED light as flat power cable,for home audio as flat speaker wire,Anti Scale for water system.

Adhesive type,Narrow one,total width 16mm,2×0.25mm2,for led lamp,flat power cable,under carpet electrical flat wire


Adhesive type, Flat speaker cable,total width 58mm,2×1.0mm2,flat wire for speakers,flat speaker cable,audio cable.

Adhesive type,4 core speaker wire,total width 58mm,4×1.0mm2,flat cable,tape wire.

single core tape wire,non-adhesive type,2.0mm2.

1.0mm2 type,for length can make according to customer’s requirement,Anti Scale function for water system.


This is flat speaker wire ,flat speaker cable,with enjected connector.


This quick connector fit for cable HXFL20120WS.


This quick connector fit for cable HXFL20105WS.


This connector is the solution for 90 degree corner

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Product By Application

Possible uses with 2 and 3  lines ultra flat cable  (phase and neutral, and earth)

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You can make our flat wire totally invisible!Under paint,under wallparper,under tiling,under carpet.

Discover magic Eleck

Discover magic Eleck,widly application,like LED lamp,audio system,TV,as water pipe descaler.

Easy installation

Easy installation in 5 min!Cut cable,put into connector,then close the connector!

Full certification
All certification!

We have CE,RoHs certification for our flat cable!

Copper flat wire-Cables and Solutions

Have you noticed that traditional cables have a problem when they are used at home, that is, they are very messy. Cables piled up everywhere, making the home look unattractive.

Our patented copper flat wire can solve the problem of messy wiring. It can be hidden behind bricks, can be pasted on the wall for painting and covering, can pass through the floor, and can pass through doors and windows, so that outdoor solar power can be connected indoors.Make your home look more beautiful.

Our copper flat wire product has obtained a patent. It has the characteristics of safety, good electrical conductivity, and the size can be customized arbitrarily. The application field is also very wide. If you have customization requirements, please come to consult.


Easy to Installation

Our copper flat wire products are easy to install, only two steps are required for installation, cut the flat copper wire, put the wire into the quick connector, and then snap on the connector

We always keep improving

Over the years, we have also been continuously improving our products, and constantly developing product categories and functions to meet different customer needs. For example, quick connectors, we have updated 3 generations, and we are still developing more new products.

We’ll never be perfect,But we can be better.

27 years flat cable wire manufacture experience

More cable solution for you,Welcome to ask us if any demand

  • I bought 75ft of this material and connectors. The installation requires some planning, depending on how many speakers you have, i.e. to plan for the route of the tape (flat wire). My wall is not flat, but the tape sticks pretty well. No issues bending around the corners either. I used standard sparkle to cover the tapes and later painted them with water-based paint. My install, as per the picture attached, is still visible, if one looking for it. Happy the way it turns out, it has been a month since I completed the installation. I’m just too lazy to prep the wall, install the tape, cover it with mud and paint.

    Lazyserver from USA
  • I didn’t test impedance or anything fancy, but this installed across my wood floors, over floor board and through drywall to my banana plug hookup box and I had no trouble at all. It was very easy to work with. The stickyness seemed just right, hopefully not too good that it will pull up floor someday. I covered with a wood patterned vinyl so it looks like flooring. Very happy on day 1

    Bottom from Italy
  • I needed to traffic power cables to several external patio marbles for ambient led lighting. The contractor said that i would need a cable tracker to do this since the exterior wall was reenforced concrete and difficult to break at the depth required to hide the cables. No trackers for me! This product solved the issue and now 3 led sections are powered by a single strip. Completely invisible, strong adhesive. Recommended for all cable tracker haters.

    M.Michel from USA

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MOQ of your flat cable,can I take some samples?

Normally MOQ is 3km for each model,but we have stock of HXFL20505WS and HXFL20120WS,so if you take these two models,we can sell at small quantity.If OEM type,MOQ is 3km.We can send to you sample and there is sample cost.

What cerfication do you have for your flat cable?

We have cerficiation for CE and Rohs.If you need,we can share with you the certification file.

Can this wire be used for a video signal on the wider or narrow gage wire.?

You have to buy adapters for connecting this ribbon wire to any other audio device. I am not sure if there is an adapter for large wires. I know I used 16 gauge and it works fine.

Would this be acceptable for outdoor use? Specifically powering wireless cameras on a RV would be exposed to sunlight...

Our super flat speaker wires is not suppposed to use outdoor, only indoor use.

can this be used in garage to run the "wall remote/switch" wire for the garage door opener?

We need to meet our voltage and current requirements. In order to ensure the safety of the human body, it needs to be used in a low-voltage environment, ≤36V, and needs to meet the current requirements. The current requirement of 16AWG is 5.2A, and the maximum current is 5.9A. The current requirement of 23AWG is 1.022A, and the maximum current is 1.165A

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