• flat wire
  • flat wire


white PVC sheath on one side, with adhesive layer, can be stick on the wall directly or put under the carpet.

Adaptor connector for bananna cable

bananna connector for speaker

Low capacitance and excellent conductivity

No skin effect and transmit big power audio signals in a more efficient way than any coaxial, stranded or stwisted construction.

CE-EMC,CE-LVD certification

Meet RoHs requirement

CE RoHs Certificated patent flat cable

For this wide type flat wire,our model HXFL20120WS,is widely used,for example speakers, photo frame and so on.

Our patented copper flat wire can solve the problem of messy wiring. It can be hidden behind bricks, can be pasted on the wall for painting and covering, can pass through the floor, and can pass through doors and windows, so that outdoor solar power can be connected indoors.Make your home look more beautiful.

We can help for the flat wire solution.

Technical Data

RESISTANCE 72ohm/KM (1.0mm2 model)
TEMPERATURE (-20 to 100 degree)
OVERSIZE Thickness 0.20mm-0.50mm x width 58/60mm

packing:normally 30 meters/roll.However it depend on customer’s require

Solutions for our copper flat wire

flat cable connector
How to connect this cable

The connector HX-FKB18

In order to connect this cable easily and quickly,our R&D Team develop the new connector for this type of flat cable,it is quick connector.

No need cut cable,no need remove the glue,insert the flat cable,then close the cover,that is all

Always improve about our product

The history of the connectors

We always focus customer’s requirement and improve the design of our flat wire.For the first revision of our flat cable connector,only can use the screw to lock the cable to connector.Second revision connector can be quick connected to wire.Then we enlarge the round wire hole to 5Mm that can fit for wire from 10awg to 12awg.

We always consider customer’s requirement and convenient and update the design.

flat wire HXFL20120WS
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