Audio Video Cables Manufacturing process

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We process Audio Video Cables from Raw Material!

Since 1995, our cable factory has started the production and sales of cables and auto parts. The factory started from a small warehouse and has developed into a modern workshop of more than 60,000 square meters so far.

Our factory which has decades industry experience  is equipped by 13 cable twist machines, 10 cable drawing lines,10 plug injection machines, and also 5 fabrication assembly lines with packing machines. With our adequately equipped testing devices and strict quality control procedures, our 19 skillful workers ,3 engineers and 3 QC can offer you reliable products and professional solution.

FranSonic Manufacturing Process

Audio video cables manufacturing process include twist the strands,inject cable jacekt,cut cable to required length,eneject the connector,test cables,then packing.

We have 13 twist strands process line.Can make cable high to 100 mm2.

Cable shielding process

Can process the aluminum foil shielding and copper braid shielding.

There are 10 cable drawing lines for the cable drawing process.

There are 10 plug injection machines for the audio video cable plugs process

Cable cutting process

We have the auto cutting machine for cable cut.

Cable packing

Also 5 fabrication assembly lines with packing machines.

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