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Why are we optimistic about doing solar power connection?

With the continuous expansion of the scale of solar photovoltaic applications, the manufacturing costs and system application costs of solar cells are gradually reduced. At present, the price of solar cells is about US $0.8 per watt. According to the 2015 Clean Energy Industry Report, the global investment in renewable energy power generation and fuel in 2014 was $310 billion, an increase of 16% year on year, and exceeded the total investment in fossil energy power generation for the fifth consecutive year.
According to the forecast of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2014, the photovoltaic power generation capacity will reach 4600 gigawatts by 2050, which will provide 16% of the total human power demand, about 6300 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. According to this prediction, the average annual installed capacity will reach more than 120 GW from 2015 to 2025, and it is expected to increase to 200 GW/year after 2025.
Even so, the International Energy Agency has always underestimated solar power generation. According to the IEA 2000 forecast, the installed capacity of solar power generation will increase by four times in the next 15 years, but in fact it will increase by five times. Then, IEA raised the predicted value of the installed capacity of solar power generation.
In addition to photovoltaic cells, solar concentrating technology is developing well. This technology is mainly used to heat water or oil, and to drive ordinary turbines. However, this kind of concentrating technology only plays a small role, and can add about 1 gigawatt of capacity to the world every year (compared with 50 gigawatts of capacity supplied by photocells to the world). Dove Golan, director of the Innovation Technology Center of the International Renewable Energy Agency, believes that the application of this technology in desert areas may have more obvious effects, such as Morocco and South Africa, where energy utilization is very efficient.



T branch MC4 connector

MC4 connector, male and female connector, solar connector, straight type, photovoltaic connector, waterproof; All connectors adopt double fixed connection, which is convenient to install, fast to install and universal; Due to its anti-aging and UV resistance

ons; The cable is connected by inserting and fixing self-locking structure. The male and female heads are fixed with a stable self-locking mechanism, which can open and close freely and perfectly with MC4. This product has passed TUV certification. Comply with: DIN V VDE V 0126-3.

Fast connection on disconnect, simple and safe. Plug interchange between the same model, no male and female design, conducive to reducing inventory. The terminal adopts copper plated silver, high current working environment, reduce contact spark. Shell multi-color selection, different colors using independent interface, easy to customize the multi-pole configuration.

T branch 3 TO 1 MC4 connector

Solar photovoltaic T-type four-way 3-to-1 connector is mainly used in solar photovoltaic power generation system for parallel connection and confluence of photovoltaic panels, so it is also called four-way confluence connector. NSPV’s new Jinyang PV 3-to-1 connector has a stable self-locking mechanism, which is convenient to install and plug and play, simple to separate, and safe to use imported insulating materials It has good flame retardancy, stress relaxation resistance, and UV resistance, while maintaining good impact toughness at low temperature.

T branch 4 TO 1 MC4 connector

Using insulating material PPE, its excellent electrical performance and UV resistance; Meet the use requirements under harsh outdoor environmental conditions; The male and female heads are fixed with a stable self-locking mechanism. Because its function is to collect current, it is also called 4-to-1 combiner pair connector, photovoltaic 5-way combiner connector, which can realize convenient installation, time-saving and labor-saving, safer use, and can be used with various MC series connectors after installation.

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Y brunch MC4 connector

Y bruch MC4 connector, solar photovoltaic connector, photovoltaic cable, one out of three, male/female, wiring, waterproof, one set; All connectors adopt double fixed connection, which is convenient to install, fast to install and universal; Because of its anti-aging

  • Y brunch MC4 connector 2 TO 1

    Insulation material TPV, rated current 30A, rated voltage 1000V (TUV)&600V (UL), test voltage 6KV (50Hz, 1min), contact resistance ≤ 5 m Ω, waterproof grade IP2X/IP67, safety class II, fire protection grade UL94-V0, material temperature 110 ℃, service temperature – 40 ℃ until+85 ℃, connecting wire specification 2.5mm ²/ 4.0mm ²/ 6.0 mm ², Adapt to MC4 photovoltaic connector Y-type three-way solar module board parallel bus 2 and 1 adapter 1500V

  • Y brunch MC4 connector 3 TO 1

    Photovoltaic three-in-one connector, MOLDING molding, efficient waterproof, waterproof and dust-proof up to IP67, plus its unique anti-corrosion and weather resistance, suitable for long-term outdoor use. TPE insulation material, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, more safe to use. It is suitable for 2.5~6.0 square meters of cable, and the length of the cable can be produced according to the customer’s needs, which is more convenient for installation. The product is used in the design and installation of photovoltaic power generation system

  • Y brunch MC4 connector 4 TO 1

    The 4-turn 1 connector formed by Molding is waterproof and dust-proof to IP68, and its corrosion resistance and weather resistance are suitable for long-term outdoor use. Y-Cable products can be used to control and save costs when designing and installing photovoltaic power generation systems. The specifications of photovoltaic wires can be customized according to customer needs

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manfacturing experience
Manufacturing Experience

Since year 1995,we understand market well,our customer from all over the world

Full certification
Full Certification

CE,RoHs,ISO9001:2015,SGS,TUV,UL certification,request detailed file anytime

Advanced equipment
Advanced Equipment

10 Product lines,Twist strands /injections /welding machines and so on

Quality control
Quality Control

Strict quality control with 100% visual, AOl, X-ray inspection

Flexible customization capability

Fransonic has flexible customization capabilities. We have experienced engineers and R&D teams to help you provide customization services according to your application scenarios.

Strict quality inspection

We have strict quality inspection steps. Quality is our lifeline and also a necessary measure to maintain long-term customers.

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Anderson plug dust cover PVC protective sleeve

Product name: MC4 connector (compatible with MC4 interface) Maximum working voltage: DC1000V Withstand voltage: DC1000V Rated Current : 25A Flame class: UL94-V0 Pollution degree: 2 Contact resistance:≤5mmΩ Insulation resistance: > 500 m Ω Shell Protection degree: IP67 Specification of Connecting Line: 4mm2 Ambient temperature range:-40~+85℃ Safety Level: class‖ Insertion force:≤50N Withdrawal force:≥50N Weight: 0.025 Kg Terminal connection mode: pressure welding Contact: copper cn and sn plating nickel Insulation: PPO, black Security level: Ⅱ Cable diameter range: Φ 5 mm – Φ7 mm 1.5mm2–6mm2 Applicable single-core cable: 1.5 was – was 6


T branch 5 TO 1 MC4 connector

The male and female heads are fixed with a stable self-locking mechanism. Because its function is to collect current, it is also called 5-to-1 combiner pair connector/photovoltaic 5-way combiner connector, which can realize convenient installation, save time and labor, save energy, use more safely, and use with various MC series connectors when installing more freely.

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  • Heat shrink tube
  • Cable sleeve
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  • Ring terminal

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